History of Coupon Codes & Promo Code

History of Coupon Codes & Promo Code – Best Source to Save Money

The amazing growth of online shopping and increased presence of online stores made the living so easy. Those who hate to spending time in a physical store find it best way. The whopping online sales raised tough competition between online retailers since every retailer wants to see a growth in sales year over year. But, retaining the existing customers and attracting new customer in every single day is a big challenge  especially to get a new customer and sales.

Marketing Technique of Online Retailers

The retailers are more fond of giving some incentives to attract customers to make them buy and to retain them forever. So, the proven technique for a better and instant incentive is offering coupon codes. Which may be a code to use at checkout or a discount to redeem at a special online page with already slashed price in the cart.

History of Coupon Codes

In 1888, Coca-Cola Company founder Asa Griggs Candler and was an American business tycoon wanted to convince a large number of people to try his new drink. So he tried with an idea but it was simple and impressive. He gave away a paper ticket to a free glass of Coco-Cola. This was probably the first coupon campaign in the history.

In 1909, C. W. Post (Charles William an American inventor, breakfast cereal and foods manufacturer) uses 1 cent coupons to start marketing Grape Nuts breakfast.

In 1930, Coupon usage booms in the Great Depression as families struggle to afford groceries.

In 1940, Chain grocery super markets use coupons to attract consumers away from purchasing at local markets.

Now, Coupon Codes are evolved in different forms and called with different names such as promo code, voucher code and discount code etc. Also, Coupons usage are divided into several methods such as coupons to get free shipping, coupons to get percentage off on total shopping cart value, coupons to get percent off on next purchase and coupons to get free items on purchasing some other items.

Courtesy: Business Times – News

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