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Author Raoul-Gabriel Urma explains how improved code and support for multicore processors were the prime movers behind Java 8 features. Hell quickly get you up to speed on new classes including CompleteableFuture and Optional, along with enhanced interfaces and the new Date and Time API.... more

OSCON brings together talented people diverse backgrounds who are doing amazing things with open source technologies. Explore the latest tools and technologies, get expert in-depth training in crucial languages, frameworks, and best practices, and get exposure to the open source stack in all possible configurations. Whether youre improving your command of a language, exploring new technologies, or getting tips to enhance your productivity, your time at OSCON will make you better at what you do.... more

Want to put AI to work right now? Cut the noise and see whats real and whats coming in applied AI at the OReilly Artificial Intelligence Conference. Leaders and innovators will explore the most promising applied machine learning and artificial intelligence topics, including AI for structured business data, deep learning models, NLP, TensorFlow, implementing AI projects, affordable AI-capable products, and much more.... more

Data changes fast. Whether its building a data infrastructure for AI, moving on-premise to cloud, or enabling secure real-time streaming analysis, youll prepare for whats coming at Strata. And youll get the expert-led guidance on the tools and technologies you need to make your data strategies and projects work today. Thats why its become the annual reunion of datas brain trust—and why the Economist said its "where the geeks go." Come geek out with us , 2019.... more

This free ebook gets you started, bringing together concepts that are helpful to understand before tackling your next modern JavaScript app. With a collection of chapters the OReilly JavaScript librarys published books, youll learn about the scope and challenges that await you in the world of modern web development.... more

OReilly Media for the first time conducted an anonymous online survey of salaries of designers, UX/UI specialists, and others in the design space. This in-depth report presents complete survey results which demonstrate how variables such as job title, location, use of specific tools, and the types of tasks performed affect salary and other compensation. The survey attracted more than 300 designers, managers, and directors countries. Most of them work onweb and mobile products or connected devices in a wide variety of industries.... more

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